Your favorite music counts

phono selects the type of music that fits to you and the people around you, accounting for everyone’s wishes and preferences.

Yes, me!

Everyone brings their favorite music

So there you are, surrounded by friends and everyone brought his own favorite music. On their mobile phones, tablets or on an iPod. But there’s always only the one person choosing what is being played. It’s always just one person who can connect his device to the speakers, even though there’s a huge selection of different music nearby.

This problem occurs everywhere: on parties at home, together with your friends in your favorite bar or pub or on other public events. This changes now.

phono combines all this potential of music in one place. Suddenly, everyone can bring their own favorite tracks. What are the most popular bands, genres and albums? Do you want to listen to one particular song? Those are the criteria by which the music is selected from now on!

And with only one goal: The perfect music for this crowd of individuals with their individual taste.


An app for everyone

phono looks to fill the void in all places where music is listened to by many people. We are focused to bring you this new experience fast, easy and for absolutely everyone.

What we mean by that is that the App connects anyone who has an iOS or Android device. You don’t need anything but the app. That's it. You can find more information about that on the app page.