The best music experience

Social music will amaze and excite your customers. It will bring new possibilities for you and your customers.

Customers and music

Let your customers take part

People want music that fits the setting and their mood. Our system lets your customers take part to find the right selection of songs. The perfect music for your venue.

phono boosts the music experience to a whole new level and influences the exciting image people have of your location.

Full control

Influence the music decisions

Every concert needs a conductor. Our system makes you the conductor of you location.
The countless possibilities let you chose which music may be played and which won’t.

You run a dinner-for-two-restaurant? Let’s cut down on the heavy metal.
You run a dance club? Maybe not so much classical music.

All choices lie in your hands. You decide what your customers get to vote on!


What music do you want?

phono is compatible with all kinds of current setups. You have a complete music library that you’ve built over years that fits your customers? Perfect, use that one!
Don’t have a library yet? Perfect, use ours!


We will contact you personally

Are you interested in using phono? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you. And of course we will answer any questions you might have about phono.