Together with your friends

phono selects the music that perfectly fits you and your friends. Everywhere you listen to music together.


Everything for social music

The individual music taste of everyone at your event influences the dynamic playlist. And this playlist can be played wherever you want.
Be it on a houseparty, a picknick or a simpe get-together with your friends. Any place where people experience music together.

phono music app in use

Where, When, How

Where phono will be available soon

Since the first revision of phono music, we have continued to excite people about this concept. With a prototype we managed to win the “Jugend Innovativ” competition. And things have not stopped there. With top placements in other competitions the confidence in our idea has grown constantly.

Get phono music in the Google Play Store and enjoy your first phono music party!

Download phono music for Android
Or use the web app under

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What about iOS?

phono is for everyone!

If you're rocking an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) you can use our web app which you can find under

A native iOS app is in development, but the web app provides the full functionality and even works on other devices like Windows Phone and Computers. (Who doesn't take their laptop to a party? Just me?)