Music is a social thing

Listen to the music you and your friends love. At your next party!

Our Vision

Social music at your party

We know how much you cherish your own favorite songs. Everyone has their own musical identity and that is something really awesome. It's the reason we love music. But on parties that can sometimes also be difficult. Every place people enjoy music together.
Who decides which tracks are played? This is the question we have asked ourselves oftentimes. This is the question phono music has come to answer. Why don’t we combine our music wishes and play exactly the kind of music that perfectly fits everyone's taste?

The App

phono music combines the favorite songs of any group

Our app lets you and your friends chose the music selection together! We take in the individual music profiles of every guest, from Facebook, Spotify and your local song library. All of that information is combined and phono music generates a dynamic playlist that perfectly fits your taste in music.
And we know how much fun it is, if the song perfectly fits your mood. Therefore you can of course actively make song requests to boost your favorite tracks!

You can find more information about phono music for iOS and Android here.

Our Team

Innovative and dynamic

We are a young team with an innovative idea and we’re on our best way to change the way people experience music together.

So far we have had great success in technical competitions, which has shown that our idea can convince and amaze even experts in the industry.
Now is the time to show the public how impressive music can be when it is a social and democratic experience.

We appreciate your support and feedback.